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Years of Experience

At Salt Lake Pest Control,​

No Single Pest Can Escape

Pest control services in Taylorsville, Utah, don’t have to be expensive. We offer affordable and comprehensive pest removal solutions to help you live a pest-free life without breaking your bank account. We have various plans for every situation to give you the best value for your money.

Everyone in Taylorsville deserves to have a pest-free home. So as an expert in pest control, we are happy to provide the best service possible. We use the latest eco-friendly and humane extermination techniques, so you can rid your home or business of pests while ensuring your safety. Our professionals are also trained in spotting pest infestations before they become too large and out of control. 

A satisfied customer is a happy customer, and that’s precisely what we strive for. As a result, homeowners and businesses in Taylorsville can trust us to provide the best pest control solutions and rid them of their infestations, big or small. And, if you are unhappy with our service, we’ll return to fix it. So you know you’ll always get the best results with Salt Lake Pest Control. 

Quick and Efficient Treatment

Time is essential because, as we all know, most pests can reproduce quickly. That’s why our team at Salt Lake Pest Control moves quickly and efficiently to diagnose your pest problem and provide effective treatments to eradicate them from your home or business. First, we will thoroughly inspect your Taylorsville home or business to determine the source of the problem.   Then, we’ll craft a custom pest control plan to ensure the pests are gone for good. 

Safe and Long-Lasting Results

Treatment should not only be effective but safe for your family and business as well. So we only use the latest pest control method, which is eco-friendly and safe for humans and pets. With Salt Lake Pest Control, we can provide the best pest control services in Taylorsville, Utah, and you can assure that it is safe and long-lasting results. 


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You've Got A Problem? We Can Help You​​

Taylorsville  Utah Pest Control offers a wide range of services to meet your needs, including: 

General Pest removal

We will eradicate and prevent common pests in your Taylorsville home or business, including ants, spiders, roaches, and more. We will assess the situation, locate where they enter your home or business, and seal off entry points to prevent future infestations. 

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Commercial Pest Control

We provide pest control services to Taylorsville businesses, such as restaurants, office buildings, and hotels. In addition, we’ll collaborate to create a tailored commercial pest control strategy to meet your company’s specific requirements.

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Pest prevention

Treating existing pests is only half the battle. To ensure they don’t come back, we offer preventative measures to help keep your home or business pest free for good. In addition, we’ll provide tips and recommendations for making your home or business less attractive to pests and advice on changing habits that could invite them in. 

Why does Taylorsville, Utah Residents Choose Salt Lake Pest Control?

Taylorsville, Utah, with its 2024 population of 55,391, is experiencing a unique demographic shift, declining at an annual rate of -2.2%. This downturn reflects a -8.24% change since the 2020 census, which reported a population of 60,367. Despite this, Taylorsville maintains an average household income of $96,319 and a relatively low poverty rate of 8.51%.

In Taylorsville, Utah, residents value their quality of life and the integrity of their living spaces. The city, witnessing a population adjustment, still faces challenges in pest control, similar to its neighbor Draper. Salt Lake Pest Control stands out as the top choice for Taylorsville’s community, providing unparalleled expertise in combating local pest problems.

Tailored Pest Control Solutions for Taylorsville’s Climate

Salt Lake Pest Control recognizes the specific pest issues that arise from Taylorsville’s distinct climate. By offering tailored pest management plans, they effectively tackle the challenges posed by the area’s seasonal variations.

Proactive Pest Prevention for Lasting Safety

Embracing Taylorsville’s proactive spirit, Salt Lake Pest Control focuses on preventive measures. This strategy ensures long-term protection for residents, allowing them to enjoy pest-free living environments.

Expert Knowledge of Taylorsville’s Pest Ecology

The trust Taylorsville residents place in Salt Lake Pest Control is built on the company’s expert knowledge of the local pest ecology. Their reputation for delivering effective and dependable pest control solutions is well-established.

Dedication to Taylorsville’s Community Well-being

Salt Lake Pest Control’s role in Taylorsville goes beyond service provision. Their commitment to the community’s well-being and high standards of living is demonstrated through their dedication to public health and safety.

Our Promise

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