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Defend Your Family from The Danger of Mice and Rats in Salt Lake City

Mice and rats are a problem throughout Salt Lake City. These unwelcome guests, including mice or rats, and squirrels, pose a significant risk to both your peaceful abode and the well-being of your loved ones. Notorious for transforming your sanctuary into a chaotic and hazardous zone, these pests are more than just a nuisance. They carry the potential to:

Mice can damage your home in many ways. First, they can chew through wires and insulation, causing electrical fires. Second, they can gnaw on pipes and fittings, resulting in leaks. Third, they can destroy woodwork, lawn, and drywall in their quest for food or shelter. All of this can cost you a lot of money to repair.

Rodents are often seen as pests but can pose a serious health risk. Rodents are known to spread various diseases, including salmonella, hantavirus, and leptospirosis. They can also transmit other harmful pathogens, such as fleas, ticks, and mites.

Our 3-Step Mice Removal Process

Mice Control in Salt Lake City

Let the professionals take care of the rats and mice in your Salt Lake City homes so you can return to enjoying a rodent-free life. Give us a call and start living mice-free life.

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Many rodents can get water from their food, such indirect water sources like toilets, pet bowls, and leaky pipes are all fair game. This means that even if you don’t have a water source in your home, they can still find a way to survive.

 Rodents can survive without water for weeks. However, they will become increasingly dehydrated the longer they go without water. This can weaken them and make them more susceptible to disease or death. Therefore, it is important to eliminate any water sources in your home if you have a rodent infestation.

Reduce access to food and water sources by sealing up potential entry points, eliminating nesting areas, and keeping food stored in airtight containers. These measures, along with help from a professional exterminator, can help ensure your home is rodent-free.

Common signs of a rodent infestation include droppings, gnaw marks on wood or other objects, sounds such as squeaking or scampering, odors of urine and musk, holes in walls or floors, and tracks.

Routine inspections of your home and property can help you spot any signs of a rodent infestation before it becomes too severe. Contact a professional pest control company immediately if you believe you have a rodent infestation. 

They can provide the most effective solution to quickly and safely eliminate any rodents in your home. Taking action immediately is essential to prevent further damage and health risks associated with a rodent infestation.

Although you may be able to take care of the problem for minimal infestations, hiring a professional exterminator is highly recommended. They have the expertise and experience to correctly identify and eliminate any rodent infestation and provide follow-up treatments. 

Professional pest control companies use advanced methods and technology to remove all rodents quickly and safely. This can give you peace of mind knowing they solved the problem for good. 

Rodents infestation should be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and health risks.

Rodents are attracted to food, shelter, and warmth. They can enter your home through tiny cracks or holes in the walls, windows, or foundation. If there is a food source in your homes, such as pet food, garbage, or open containers, they will be more likely to enter. 

Other attractors include clutter, wood or vegetation piles, and nearby fields providing food. Keeping your home clean, removing potential nesting areas, and sealing all entry points can help deter rodents from entering. 

But, again, if you suspect an infestation has already occurred, it is best to immediately contact a professional pest control company for the most effective solution.

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