How Many Eyes Do Spiders Have

Spiders belong to the type of pests called arachnids. They are commonly found in Saltlake houses because there are more than 45,000 species of spiders all over the world. Many people fear spiders because of how they look. Spiders have a large pincer-like attachment to their mouth, large abdomen, many pairs of long legs, and a hairy body. Additionally, it is known that spiders have venoms, and people fear that if spiders bite them, the venom will kill them. However, the eyes of the spider are not a contributing factor to the fear of humans of spiders despite having many of them. But how many eyes do spiders really have? Let’s find out.

Number of spiders' eyes

As mentioned, spiders commonly have many eyes. Most spiders have a total of eight eyes. However, you may encounter spiders that only have two, four, or six eyes. Additionally, a spider can have as many as twelve eyes. 

Why do spiders have many eyes?

Now that we know that spiders commonly have eight eyes and can have as many as twelve, the question is, why do they need these many sets of eyes? Each eye has a different function, unlike human eyes. The large front eyes of the spider are responsible for seeing everything in the world, meaning it makes out what the world looks like to a spider. On the other hand, the side eyes of the spiders allow them to look out for predators. These eyes are placed in a way that spiders can see nearly 360 degrees. 

Types of Spiders' Eyes

We now all know that spiders have many eyes, and apparently, these eyes consist of two common types. Below are the types of spiders’ eyes.

  • Reflector – these are four eyes placed behind a spider’s head. They are commonly present in wolf spiders, which help them identify movement in low-light areas. They are called “reflectors” because you will see these eyes when light shines upon them.
  • Search-light – enlarged, curved lenses that are facing forward like searchlights. These eyes allowed spiders to have excellent low-light night vision, thus giving the spiders a wide field of view.

Do spiders have good eyesight?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. It is both yes and no because not all spiders have good eyesight, but there are those that do. The spiders that have good sight are jumping spiders. Because of this good eyesight, they can easily hunt their prey and recognize their mate and predators. On the other hand, those that do not have good eyesight use their other senses, like vibration, touch, and taste, to thrive. Their two large eyes on the front have low vision, and only a small portion of the spider’s field of view is covered by their sharp vision.

Spiders in your area?

The number of eyes that spiders have is one factor that scares people. That’s why they always want to get rid of spiders in their home; either they will kill it on their own or hire a spider exterminator. For Salt Lake homeowners, you may call pest control in Salt Lake for spider control if spiders are not something you want lingering in your Salt Lake home.

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