Is a Spider an Insect? Fact about Spider in Salt Lake City, Utah

Spiders are pests we commonly see inside our homes, outside, and even in movies. In the spiderman movies like Spiderman No Way Home, we can see a radioactive spider that bites Peter Parker, resulting in him gaining spider-like abilities. Although there is still a debate about whether radioactive spiders are real or not, spiders, in general, are real and exist in our world. But are they considered insects?

What is an insect?

Insects are a type of pest that already existed way before dinosaurs did. However, when dinosaurs went extinct, insects didn’t. In fact, over a million species of insects can be found almost anywhere in the world. As a result, they are known to be the most numerous of all life forms in the world. They existed up until now because of their great capability to thrive. Most insects have wings, and they use these wings to travel where the food is. They eat just about anything they can find, even the ones that are inedible for humans and other animals. Moreover, they can quickly change their behavior or body to live in different environments. Additionally, an insect can lay thousands of eggs in just one day, resulting in the quick expansion of their colony. 

What is a spider?

Spiders are also a type of pests that most people fear because when we say spiders, we always think of those big spiders that are poisonous, like a tarantula or Goliath Birdeater. Some spiders indeed have venom, but only a few are really dangerous once you get bitten by them. Most of the 46,700 species of spiders are harmless and will not cause severe damage to you. Additionally, despite the popular thoughts of people, not all spiders build webs. But they all produce silk they use to climb, as Spiderman does in the movie. He produces silk from his hands and attaches it anywhere to climb or get a hold of something. The silk is also used to protect the spiders when they fall, to create egg sacs, to trap their prey, and to make their nests. 

Spider as an insect

Now that you know what an insect and a spider are, let’s answer the question: is a spider considered an insect? Unfortunately, spiders are not insects. Both are invertebrates and are types of pests. However, they are two different types of pests. Spiders belong to the type of pests called arachnids. 

A spider identification includes eight legs, a head, and a thorax. On the other hand, an insect identification includes six legs, a head, a thorax, an abdomen, antennae, and sometimes a pair of wings. Not all insects have wings, but most of them do. Despite the spiders not having wings, they are still not considered insects because they have eight legs instead of six and do not have antennae and an abdomen.

Examples of insects

So if spiders are not insects, what pests are considered to be insects? Below are common examples of insects that you may find infesting your area.

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Flies
  • Wasps
  • Bugs
  • Bettles
  • Moth
  • Grasshoppers
  • Crickets
  • Dragonflies
  • Cicadas


Insects and arachnids, like spiders, can infest a property, and you might not even know that they are already inside your home. Both may seem harmless. However, they still impose danger on some occasions. Insect bites, and so do spiders. Once you get bitten by any of the two, you may experience pain and bite swelling, and redness. Luckily, a spider rarely bites, and a spider bite is not strong enough to penetrate human skin. 

Nonetheless, there are still species of spiders, like black widows, that are dangerous to humans. If you experience spider bite symptoms like swollen eyes, difficulty breathing, salivation, and muscle cramps, getting a spider bite treatment is best. The same goes if you get bitten by an insect and you experience symptoms that won’t go away; get an insect bite treatment. Moreover, protect your home from these pests by getting insect and spider home repellent.

However, the best insect and spider home defense are still getting pest control services from spider control Salt Lake, Utah. These professionals will ensure to give you the best pest control for your home by eliminating the infestation and preventing it from coming back.