Spider Crickets in Salt Lake, City Utah: Is it a Spider or a Cricket?

Have you ever heard of spider crickets? Spiders are one of the most common types of pests that people fear the most. Spiders are characterized by their long multiple legs and are known to produce silks or cobwebs. On the other hand, crickets are known for their chirping sounds caused by rubbing their wings together. You might hear them more often during nighttime when they are most active. Unlike spiders, crickets can only have 6 legs, while spiders have 8. So, what are spider crickets? Do they look like spiders but chirp? Or do they look like crickets that produce silks or cobwebs? Let’s find out!

What do Spider Crickets Look Like?

Spider crickets have a body quite similar to crickets. But their legs are as long as what spiders have. Unlike normal crickets, spider crickets do not have a flattened type of body. Instead, it is humpbacked. But similarly to cricket and other species of spiders, spider crickets can jump using their long hind legs. In addition, they have 2 long antennae. Also, you may see crickets in green color, but spider crickets are typically in brown or tan color. 


Similarly to the normal crickets, spider crickets are active at night. But they do not chirp like crickets do. In fact, they are a quiet type of pests. But unlike spiders, spider crickets do not produce silk or cobwebs.

Spider crickets love and require moisture and dark places, so you will often find them in basements, crawl spaces, garages, and sheds. Additionally, spider crickets are social pests, so you will often see them in groups sharing a habitat or finding food sources. 

When in danger, spider crickets can easily escape their predators just by using their long legs to jump or leap. When they jump in groups, you may hear a pop sound. In terms of their eating behavior, spider crickets will eat both plants and animals. Their diet consists of fungi, plant material, insects, fruits, and flowers. 

Are spider crickets venomous?

When dealing with an ant infestation near your home’s foundation or even within potted plants around your patio or garden beds, natural repellents can be quite effective at deterring these critters. These can help without resorting to chemical treatments that could harm other beneficial insects and animals nearby. 

Some common household ingredients used as natural repellents include vinegar, lemon juice, and citrus peels. These ingredients should be sprayed around entry points such as doorways or windowsills twice weekly until no more activity is seen inside the home. Additionally, sprinkle the cinnamon powder around susceptible areas during rainy periods when ant colonies may become active again after a period of dormancy during dry weather conditions.

Can spider crickets damage your home?

Spider crickets will not chew or bite any materials in your home, but they, however, may bite your plants if they exist in your home. Remember, spider crickets’ diet includes plants.

Other than that, spider crickets will not cause any extensive damage to your home, unlike other pests. But they can be quite unpleasant to keep at your home because of their appearance. Also, spider crickets existing in your home means that you might have underlying problems relating to moisture, like leaky pipes.

However, it is still best to keep these pests at bay by calling professional pest control in Salt Lake, Utah. 

In the future you may need to seal any entry points in your home like holes to avoid inviting spider crickets inside and avoid excess moisture in your home to prevent attracting spider crickets. You may use a dehumidifier to lessen the humidity in your place and declutter to reduce their hiding spots.

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