What To Do If You Have Hornet Nests in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Hornet nests are created by hornets as a place to raise young hornets, store their food and shelter. Their nests are made out of wood fibers that they chewed, resembling a paper-like material when mixed with their saliva. Their nests have different layers, which are called combs, inside of them. Each layer has hexagonal cells, like what bee hives have. These cells are where the hornets will lay their eggs and raise them once they hatch. 


Like bee nest, hornet nests can be found hanging from trees, shrubs, eaves of buildings, and other secluded areas. However, not all hornet nests are of the same size. Each hornet’s nest differs in size depending on the species and age of the hornet.


You will often see hornet nests being built during spring because of the natural life cycle of the hornets. The spring season is the most favorable time for hornets to build their nests because the colonies of hornets decline in other seasons like winter. When the weather warms up, that’s the only time hornets will come out of their hibernation. Also, such a stable environment is necessary for hornets to go about their daily tasks.


So if you found a hornet nest within your home, what is the best thing to do?

Assess the hornet nest's location

Identify if the hornet nests are near any possible entry points in your home or near enough that they can be a direct threat to you, your family, and your pets. If so, it is best to seal off the entry points that these hornets can use to enter your home. It is best to keep your windows and doors closed all the time. And if the hornet nests pose a direct threat to your home, contact a pest control in Salt Lake City, Utah, immediately. 

Keep a Safe Distance

When assessing the location of the hornet nest, it is best to keep a safe distance to avoid provoking, threatening, or disturbing them. Once they feel such a thing, they can attack you by stinging you. To add more protection, you can wear protective clothing to ensure if you have provoked the hornets, you won’t be stung. Wear long sleeves, pants, gloves, and a hat.

hornet nest

Do Not Do Anything to It

By not doing anything on the hornet nest, we mean do not throw anything at it, do not touch the hornet nest, do not spray anything at it, or avoid trying to remove the nest at all costs. Such actions can easily disturb the hornets. And once they are disturbed, they can begin attacking you.

Contact a Pest Control Professional

A professional wasp control  in Salt Lake City, Utah, can help you remove the hornet nest in your home. Whether they are not near you enough to harm you or not, for your peace of mind, it is still best to get rid of the hornets and hornet nest  completely. Hornets pest control can be dangerous if you try doing it yourself. But with the help of pest control in Salt Lake, Utah, you subject yourself to the risk of getting bitten, and you can keep your home hornets and hornets nest-free!


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